Stendra (avanafil) is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It helps the patient get and sustain an erection by increasing blood flow to the penis in addition to sexual stimulation. 

What is Stendra and How Does it Work?

Stendra is a treatment for erectile dysfunction. It’s a PDE5 inhibitor, to be precise. It works by blocking the cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme (also known as PDE5), which controls blood flow to your penis’ erectile tissue. 

Your body increases the rate of blood flow to your penis when you’re sexually aroused. Stendra’s active ingredient, avanafil, causes the release of nitric oxide in the corpus cavernosum tissue of the penis, which causes the smooth muscle in the corpus cavernosum to relax, allowing more blood to flow into it and allowing you to get and stay hard. 

Stendra, like other ED medications, will not cause you to have erections at random. Instead, if you’re already sexually aroused, it just makes it easier to get an erection. 

Stendra is available in a variety of doses as tablets. The most common doses are 50 milligrams, 100 milligrams, and 200 milligrams, which should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before sexual activity, depending on your dosage. The effects of a standard dose of Stendra can last up to six hours after you take it. 

Stendra is a second-generation ED medication that differs from older drugs like Viagra in several ways, including a lower risk of causing certain side effects. 

How To Use Stendra

How To Use Stendra

Before you begin taking avanafil (Stendra) and each time you receive a refill, read the Patient Information Leaflet provided by your pharmacist if one is available. If you have any concerns, consult your physician or pharmacist.

As instructed by your doctor, take this medication by mouth with or without food as needed. This drug comes in a variety of dosages. Avanafil (Stendra) should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before sexual activity, depending on the dose. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for how long you should take this medicine before sexual activity. Take no more than once a day. 

The dosage is determined by your medical condition, treatment response, and any other medications you’re taking. Make a list of all the products you use and give it to your doctor and pharmacist (including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and herbal products). 

If your situation does not improve, contact your doctor.

Stendra Side Effects

It’s possible that you’ll experience headaches, flushing, or dizziness. Tell your doctor or pharmacist right away if any of these side effects persist or worsen. 

The majority of people who take this medicine do not have any substantial adverse effects. 

If you have a heart condition and develop any of the following dangerous adverse effects while having sex, stop immediately and seek medical attention: extreme dizziness, fainting, chest/jaw/left arm discomfort, nausea. 

Sudden vision loss, including irreversible blindness, in one or both eyes is a rare occurrence. Stop taking avanafil and seek medical care right away if this condition develops. If you have heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, certain other eye disorders (“packed disk”), high blood pressure, are over 50, or smoke, you have a slightly higher risk of vision loss. 

A rapid loss of hearing, sometimes accompanied by ringing in the ears and disorientation, can occur in rare cases. If these side effects occur, stop taking avanafil and seek medical attention straight away. 

If you get a painful or protracted erection that lasts 4 hours or longer, stop taking this medication and seek medical attention because serious complications may result. 

This medicine seldom causes a severe allergic reaction. However, if you detect any symptoms of a major allergic response, such as a rash, itching/swelling (particularly of the face/tongue/throat), extreme dizziness, or problems breathing, seek medical treatment right away. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list of potential adverse effects. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you have any other side effects not listed above.

Stendra Precautions

Tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking it if you are allergic to avanafil or have any other allergies. This product may contain inactive chemicals that cause allergic reactions or other problems. Consult your pharmacist for more information.

Tell your doctor or pharmacist about your medical history, especially if you have had a heart attack or a life-threatening irregular heartbeat in the previous 6 months, chest pain/angina, heart failure, kidney disease (dialysis), liver disease, high or low blood pressure, dehydration, penis conditions (such as angulation, fibrosis/scarring, Peyronie’s disease), or a history of painful/prolonged erection (priapism).

This medication may induce dizziness or vision problems. If you drink or use marijuana, you may become dizzy (cannabis). Do not drive, operate machinery, or engage in any other activity requiring alertness or clear vision unless you are confident in your ability to do so safely. Consume alcoholic beverages in moderation. 

Tell your doctor or dentist about all the products you consume before surgery (including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and herbal products). 

Women are rarely prescribed this medicine. It is not recommended for usage during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you have any questions regarding this drug, talk to your doctor.

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Stendra Drug Interactions

Stendra Drug Interactions

Drug interactions can cause your medications to work differently or put you at risk for serious side effects. This is not an exhaustive list of all possible interactions between drugs. Inform your doctor and pharmacist about everything you use, including prescription and nonprescription drugs, herbal products, etc. Do not start, stop, or alter the dosage of any medications without first consulting your doctor. 

Avanafil, when taken with nitrates, can cause dizziness, fainting, and, in rare cases, heart attack or stroke when blood pressure drops significantly. Do not take avanafil if you’ve just taken any drug used to treat chest pain/angina (nitrates such as nitroglycerin, isosorbide) or recreational drugs containing amyl or butyl nitrite (known as “poppers”). 

Alpha blockers (such as doxazosin or tamsulosin) can cause low blood pressure, which can lead to dizziness or fainting if taken to treat BPH or an enlarged prostate. To reduce your risk of low blood pressure, your doctor may begin treatment with a lower dose of avanafil. 

Other medications may interfere with the removal of avanafil from your body, causing avanafil to work differently. azole antifungals (such as itraconazole and ketoconazole), cobicistat, macrolide antibiotics (such as clarithromycin and erythromycin), HIV protease inhibitors (such as indinavir and ritonavir), hepatitis C virus protease inhibitors (such as boceprevir and telaprevir), nefazodone, ribociclib, and rifampin), 

This medication should not be used in conjunction with any other ED or pulmonary hypertension treatment product that contains avanafil or a similar medication (such as sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil).

Stendra Vs Viagra

Both Stendra and Viagra are PDE5 inhibitors that are used to treat erectile dysfunction. 

Currently, Stendra is only available as a brand name. Although the chemical name is avanafil, the drug is only available under the brand name Stendra. 

Stendra should be taken 15 minutes before sexual activity in a dose of 100 mg or 200 mg. It can also be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity at a dose of 50 mg. 

Viagra, on the other hand, shold be taken approximately one hour before sexual activity. Only one dose of Stendra or Viagra should be taken per day. 

To be effective, both medications must be taken with sexual stimulation, regardless of the drug or dose. You can take either drug with or without food.

According to some Stendra reviews, it was found to be as effective as Viagra and other PDE5 inhibitors in a review of clinical studies. Stendra is also less effective at lowering blood pressure and has fewer side effects and drug interactions, according to the study. 

Stendra is safe and effective, according to another review of studies, but its market position is uncertain. This is because all PDE5 inhibitors are similar, and all of them are available in generic form, with the exception of Stendra.

Of course, only your doctor can determine the most effective medication for you based on your medical condition(s), history, and the other medications you’re taking.

Stendra Vs Viagra: Side Effects

Stendra and Viagra have a lot of the same side effects, but the frequency varies depending on the dose. For example, 16 percent of patients taking Viagra 25 mg had headaches, whereas 28 percent of patients taking Viagra 100 mg had headaches. 

Headache, flushing, nasal congestion, and back pain are the most common side effects of Stendra. Headache, flushing, nasal congestion, and indigestion are the most common Viagra side effects.

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